X-Ray Vision, Grant Hottle

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X-Ray Vision, 2015

Grant Hottle

Oil and spray paint on canvas

30 x 24 inches

Grant Hottle’s work has been shown at venues including the Galleries of Contemporary Art at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, the Torrance Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Southern Oregon University, the University of Arkansas, SOIL and Bridge Productions in Seattle, Swarm Gallery in Oakland, SamsØn in Boston, and Disjecta’s 2012 Portland Biennial. His paintings are in the permanent collections of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, the University of Oregon, and Portland Community College Rock Creek.

Hottle has received support from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Ford Family Foundation, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and the Clark College Faculty Development Fund. He is a professor of art and the head of painting and foundations at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. He lives and works in Portland.